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AWRA Florida's Board of Directors determines policy and leads the activities of AWRA Florida in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Click here to view past presidents and past board of directors.

Directors are expected to actively participate in association activities and regularly attend Board of Directors meetings.

The nineteen (19) member board is composed of seventeen (17) elected directors and the past presidents for the previous two (2) years. Each year, the active members of AWRA Florida elect its Board of Directors.

Candidates for the Board of Directors are nominated by the Governance Committee established by AWRA Florida's President. The Governance Committee strives to nominate a diverse cross-section of candidates from throughout the state of Florida with varied disciplines and interests as well as seeking a balance between public and private sector employees. Nominations are also based upon the anticipated level of support by the candidate's employer and the previous level of involvement with AWRA Florida and AWRA (National).

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors in the future, GET INVOLVED: attend board of directors meetings and technical meetings, volunteer to be on a committee, help organize a technical meeting, etc.

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