William V. Storch Student Award

AWRA Florida offers William V. Storch Student Awards in the amount of $1,500 to undergraduate and graduate Florida college or university students. The selection criteria for an undergraduate student is based on academic performance including the cumulative grade point average, relevance of the student’s curriculum to water resources and leadership in extracurricular activities related to water resources. The criteria for a graduate student is based on academic and/or research performance. The measures of academic performance are identical to those described for the undergraduate criteria with the addition of the quality of the student’s research and its relevance to water resources. Applicants should prepare a title page and two-page summary of their academic interests and achievements, extracurricular interests and career goals as they relate to the above selection criteria. The application must also include a letter of reference, preferably from a professor or advisor, a transcript of all college courses and the applicant’s full name, permanent mailing address, email address, and phone number. Applications must be received by April 30.

2022 Undergraduate application forms are available in Word or PDF format. Graduate application forms are available in Word or PDF format.

Past Recipients

Farah Aryan - University of Florida (Undergraduate)
Jenna Brooks - University of South Florida (Undergraduate)
Madison Mullen - Florida Gulf Coast University (Undergraduate)
James Javaruski - Florida Gulf Coast University (Graduate)
Ahmed Nasr - University of Central Florida (Graduate)
Cierra Braga - Florida Institute of Technology (Graduate)
Daniel Schroeder - Florida Gulf Coast University (Graduate)

Ashley Boggs - University of Central Florida (Undergraduate)
Robert L. Taylor - University of Florida (Undergraduate)
Jeremy Conrad - Florida Atlantic University (Graduate)
Florida Atlantic University (Graduate)
Kyle Rezek - University of Florida (Graduate)
Sharmin Siddiqui - University of Florida (Graduate)
Osama Tarabih - University of South Florida (Graduate)

Kendall Karcher - University of Central Florida (Undergraduate)
Bertrand King - Florida Atlantic University (Undergraduate)
Austin Wise - Florida Gulf Coast University (Undergraduate)
Noha Abdel-Mottaleb - University of South Florida (Graduate)
Charlotte Haberstoh - University of South Florida (Graduate)
Marco Pazmiño-Hernandez - University of Florida (Graduate)
Amanda Tritinger - University of Florida (Graduate)

Luke Westlake - Florida Gulf Coast University (Undergraduate)
Yiliannis Rodriguez - Florida Gulf Coast University (Undergraduate)
Kristin Briggs - Florida International University (Graduate)
Kevin Henson - University of Florida (Graduate)

Quinn Zacharias - Florida State University (Undergraduate)
Samantha C. Dowdell - University of Miami (Graduate)

Andres Sola - Florida International University
Amanda Chappel - University of South Florida - St. Petersburg

Alexis Johnson - University of Florida
Ileana Daniela Corsi - Florida International University

Alice Alonso - University of Florida
Jason Goodrich - Florida Gulf Coast University and Edison State College

Natalie Nelson - University of Florida
Allison Lewis - University of Florida 

Darina Palacio - University of Florida
Aneesh Goly - University of Florida

Gonzalo Moretta - Hillsborough Community College
Yogesh Khare - University of Florida

Daniel Morris - University of Florida
Lisa Seales - University of Florida
Scott Simpson - University of Florida

Madison Dickmon - Edison State College
Miguel Morales - University of Florida

Laura Wewerka
Steven L. Byars - University of North Florida

Gordon Brown - University of Florida
Heather Byrne
Russell Ferlita
Marcus Griswold
Mikhal Mobert
April Moore

Jehangin Badha
Beth Bevc
Stuart Norton

Christopher Rawl
Kelly Gleaton
Michael Zelazo
Ondine Wells
Stuart Mueller
Lindsay Griffen

Scott Knight
Lynn Saunders

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