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06-01 Life Membership
06-03 Sanford N. Young Scholarship
07-01 Sanford N. Young Scholarship Fund Investment
09-03 Florida Student Support Policies (includes the Rosanne Clementi Education Program, Student Chapter Support and Student Travel Reimbursement)
15-01 AWRA National Board of Directors Travel
15-02 Meeting Speaker Registration Fees
16-01 Fellow Membership


Please review Policy 09-03 Florida Student Support Policies (excerpted below) addressing student financial support, including reimbursement for travel. Reimbursement is NOT guaranteed. You must seek approval PRIOR to attending a meeting.

For the safety and convenience of our student members, funds may be allocated if the travel distance is a minimum of 90 miles or if there is a State Section event the next morning in which the students are participating. Travel must be coordinated by the students and must be planned in advance of the meeting. Students should consult with the Education Committee and the Florida Student Chapter Committee Chair prior to making such arrangements to confirm if travel expenses may be reimbursed.

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