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southwest florida water resources conference

Student Research Poster abstract submittal

Please use this format in preparing your abstract for submittal and submit via email to: 

Title of Research Poster:

Submitted for: 32nd Annual Southwest Florida Water Resources Conference Student Research Poster Competition

Student author(s):

Faculty mentor(s):

Department and University or School:

Graduate / Undergraduate / Secondary:

Corresponding author email contact:

Abstract: Write an abstract of your work in 350 words or less.  Include research objectives, methods, findings, and conclusions. The abstract along with all header information above must fit onto one page with this font size and these margins. No diagrams or tables please. Consider the scoring template at the time you write your abstract, and consider it even more closely as you prepare your Poster, in order to have a clear idea of the kind of poster and presentation that will do well in the competition.



Posters are evaluated with a score of 1 to 10 for each of the following four criteria.

1.  Research objectives, findings, and conclusions. Objective(s) are important to water resources field, well framed, well designed; findings and conclusions are supported by data presented

2.  Research methods and techniques. Uses appropriate methods; techniques are innovative or novel; and statistics are well used where applicable

3. Organization, design, and presentation of the poster. Organization is clear and effective; graphics are clear, readable, and capture important interpretation of results; language is professional, technically accurate, readable

4.  Response to questions. Student answers questions well, understands the research, understands pre-existing work relevant to the research, understands implications and limitations of findings

Scoring scale guide is:  

  10 = superior   8 = very good    6 = effective    4 = less effective    2 = needs improvement

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